If you are considering launching and running a business, everyone you speak to will be quick to give advice about what you should or shouldn’t do, and what you need to know in order to be successful. In the years leading up to launching Imaginary Content, we learned a few things along the way. To keep things brief, here are three main things to keep in mind when you are embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. Our advice to you is to stay flexible, choose clients wisely, and be prepared by expecting the unexpected.

Be Flexible

Staying nimble and being open minded will help you seize opportunities and help your business grow. Letting your business take shape and evolve as you go will leave you available to offer wide capabilities and greater potential for expanding on partnerships or building new relationships. Being flexible is more than just going with the flow, but rethinking your offerings as a business as new needs arise and you are able to meet growing demands. 

Chose Clients Wisely 

Clients matter, so choose them wisely. It can be hard to turn down a client or any potential new business opportunity, but having working relationships that are mutually beneficial is key to growing your business. Not only this, but having healthy working relationships with your clients will lead to better satisfaction on both ends, and will lead to long-lasting relationships. This also will take the form of positive feedback from work you are interested in and enjoy, resulting in a great reputation for your company. 

Expect The Unexpected

No one can give you a perfect roadmap to running a business. Staying on your toes, and being receptive to challenges in order to learn from them along the way will help you and your company take form. This will also give you perspective to tackle new and potentially greater obstacles in the future. Enjoy the journey of not knowing what is next, keep an open mind to what might come your way, and truly embrace that no day will be quite like the one prior in the life of an entrepreneur.