What is eCommerce Content?

Put simply, eCommerce content is digital content that is used across platforms to sell a product or service. Some key, essential elements of eCommerce content include SEO optimized copy, mobile heroes, carousel images, below-the-fold (BTF) and A+ content, and brand pages. 

The main goal of creating enhanced eCommerce content is to immediately provide the customer with an engaging online experience while they are exploring the digital shelf. The aim is to provide as much relevant information about the products and brands by highlighting benefits and key brain information that will appeal to potential consumers, drive higher conversion, and increase retention by encouraging a confident purchase. 

Basic content will meet requirements to get products listed online. A slight improvement on that will allow for discoverability and make it possible for consumers to find products on their platform of choice. The next step a brand can take in their content journey is to optimize conversion once you are discoverable, and a potential buyer is looking at your listings. Once this is achieved, ideally brands will be thinking about their page rank, positioning against competitors, ranking for key search terms and increasing the odds of conversion and potentially cross-selling. 

All of the elements of eCommerce content play into one another, and a great eCommerce strategy will have a cohesive look and feel that not only relays information about a product but encourages purchasing and reflects an authentic personification of the brand. The communication should not just speak of the product, but speak to the consumer and convince them that of all the options readily available on a digital platform, yours is the one to buy. With industry trends forecasting an online spend of over $1 trillion USD in 2022, brands should be prioritizing their eCommerce content strategy to take advantage of consumer spending.