In this episode of the eCommerce Podcast, host Matt Edmundson sits down with Ilene Richardson, the dynamic CEO and founder of Imaginary Content. Ilene shares her secrets to producing top-notch eCommerce content that drives sales and engages customers, all while keeping costs under control.

Discover how to elevate your eCommerce content strategy and take your online store to the next level with Ilene’s proven tactics and insights, including:

  1. The crucial role of content in your overall marketing plan and how to ensure cohesive branding across all touchpoints
  2. Proven strategies for communicating key product benefits and features through your content to boost consumer confidence and sales
  3. The surprising impact of incorporating video content on your product pages to improve search rankings and customer engagement
  4. Her top tips for creating effective eCommerce content on a budget by leveraging in-house resources and staying agile in the creative process
  5. The costly content mistakes that many eCommerce brands make and how to avoid them
  6. How to inspire customers and build brand loyalty through aspirational content and storytelling that goes beyond just product details
  7. The importance of regularly refreshing your content to maintain search algorithm rankings and capture seasonal opportunities